Electromechanical Assembly

At Rapid, we analyse your needs, whether it’s integrating intricate PCBs, harnessing power with cables, or orchestrating complete systems. Our expertise spans precise PCB Integration, automated assembly for scale, custom configurations, and rigorous testing.


We invest the time to comprehensively understand your unique needs, whether it involves integrating a printed circuit board (PCB) into an enclosure with a cable harness, equipping a full front panel assembly with a display, or managing the complexity of a complete system. By assessing key variables and drawing on our extensive expertise, we employ disciplined component traceability data to mitigate risk, resulting in a product that is both robust and dependable. Our Expertise Encompasses:

  • Highly intricate PCB integration
  • Automation for precision or high-volume assembly
  • Custom configuration services tailored to your specifications.
  • Comprehensive testing and environmental stress screening for enhanced reliability.

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