Interconnect solutions

Partner with Rapid and experience the difference – efficient, reliable, and customised interconnect solutions that empower your electronics ecosystem.


From simple wires to intricate harnesses, Rapid Manufacturing empowers your projects with diverse interconnect solutions. Our expertise covers crimped, soldered, and mass-terminated connections, handling various cable types for power, control, and data transfer.

Take your concepts further with fully terminated harnesses, featuring custom boards for streamlined integration. Our 20-ton injection molding facility even allows for over-molded protection. We seamlessly integrate passive electronics like motors and sensors, and even offer Fiber Optic solutions for broadcast and data needs.

Accelerate your development with rapid prototyping and rigorous testing. We build functional models and subject your products to real-world simulations, ensuring flawless performance before production. Partner with Rapid Manufacturing and experience the power of interconnected innovation.

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