Material Management

An effective supply chain is crucial for meeting production schedules and cost targets. At Rapid, we address supply continuity concerns by leveraging our data-driven systems to efficiently manage materials. Our tailored programs are crafted to minimize costs, align with customer requirements, and utilize cutting-edge planning and tracking tools in the industry, ensuring the quality and timely delivery of your products.

Enhancing and fortifying a more resilient supply chain!

Rely on our dedicated Sourcing team to ensure your peace of mind! With a vast team of experts, we are committed to address your intricate needs and innovatively manage your complete supply chain. Our services include secure supplier relationship management, find the right price, identify cost-saving opportunities, and ensure reliable on-time delivery to our valued customers. Our solution includes:

Part of building long term relationships with our customers we have developed programs to help you to manage your inventory. VMI, Kanban, and our regular delivery program have recognized us with the “Supplier Awards” from major OEM’s based on performance and metrics for several consecutive years. Our commitment and performance to our customers has allowed us to grow and develop long-term partnerships. Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI) and Kanban are the two programs that we offer and will benefit you to:

Products are kitted, packaged, and shipped your way! Never the less, part of our services is to take into consideration the installation of our product. Working with your Engineering Department and understanding your needs, we suggest the best way to package your product so when it is time to install it, it is packaged in a way that takes the installation time down. Once again; we are committed to help you to keep your costs down.

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Customer-centric wire harnesses, electro-mechanical assemblies, and box builds, offering quality and cost-effective solutions.


Quality is paramount at Rapid Manufacturing. We surpass expectations with skilled personnel, rigorous practices, and cutting-edge equipment.

Global Support

With global strategic locations we are able to support our partnered customers in every region of the world.

Management Information System

Global ERP system coordinates resources, with IT as a key pillar supporting customers and enhancing competitiveness.