About Us

To relentlessly pioneer innovative solutions, delivering superior quality products with unbeatable speed, unwavering commitment to sustainability, and ultimately enhancing the lives of people around the world.

Our company

Rapid Manufacturing is a global electronics manufacturing company specialist in electronic custom-designed wire & cable harnesses, electro-mechanical, and box build assemblies for OEM’s. We focus on the High-mix and low-medium volume production without the long lead times, starting from customer documentation to prompt delivery at competitive prices. Since 1976, Rapid Manufacturing has met its customers’ demands with high reliability and quality conformance due to its effective manufacturing techniques, skilled personnel, state-of-the-art equipment, MIS, and ISO discipline.

With over 45 years of operations in the cable/connector industry, the organization operates with the customer in mind. Combining Upper Management leadership, experienced staff, equipment, and IT support, the Company focuses its efforts to solve customers’ interconnectivity problems as well as to improve their customer retention level/satisfaction, costs, time to market product, and ROI.

Rapid Manufacturing views its customers as partners. Rapid Manufacturing encourages manufacturers to build a partnership based on trust and commitment to develop a competitive advantage. In working together, we better reach the expected results while increasing profitability for both you and Rapid. This philosophy has helped our Organization to build long lasting partnerships for as long as 30 years.

Our wholly owned facilities strategically located in USA (Anaheim, CA), Mexico (Ensenada, BC), P.R. of China (Shenzhen), and Malaysia (Penang) have been serving OEM’s in the following industries: Medical, Industrial, Aerospace, Semiconductor, Renewable Energy, and Defense.