Our Services

Our services are driven by you and your needs for custom-designed wire & cable harnesses, electro-mechanical, and box build assemblies. Rapid Manufacturing offers you a full line of solutions ranging from simple discrete wire passing through a complex cable assemblies, electro-mechanical assemblies to a box build product. We provide high-quality and low cost interconnect products on time.

Interconnect Solutions

Copper interconnections:

Wire assembly: From the simplest piece of cut and stripped wire, to wire assemblies with hundreds of discrete points, Rapid has the processes and skills to build crimped or soldered wire assemblies efficiently and precisely.

Cable assembly: Using round, shielded, flat, coax cable and everything in between, Rapid can produce your cable assemblies for power, control, communication and data transfer. Rapid specializes in soldered, crimped and mass terminations. Tapping into years of experience in special processes like: heat dissipating materials, epoxy potting and coatings, ultra-fine soldering, water-tight assemblies and sensitive or fragile component handling Rapid can provide you with a vast array of cable assemblies.

Wire harness: Complete wire harnesses including all power and control circuits, fully terminated ends using connectors, lugs, terminal blocks etc. and including sensors, motors, fans or any required electro-mechanical components are built on custom harness boards to ensure precise fit and routing of all bends and bundles.

Cable harness: Harnessing of multiple cable assemblies achieves a one-step "drop in" harness during system-level assembly. Rapid can bundle all power, video, communication and control cables on a custom harness board to ensure every connection point is labeled, located and oriented properly. Reducing inventory and overhead for our customers by only having to order and stock one harness is just one of the many ways Rapid brings value to the partnership.

Pneumatic interconnections:

Pneumatic tube assemblies/harnesses/bundles: Custom pneumatic tube assemblies with vinyl, Teflon, PVC, etc. tubing for vacuum pick & place equipment, pneumatically operated cylinders and controls, scientific and medical instrumentation. Custom harness board ensures proper routing and labeling makes installing and servicing equipment error-free.

Electro-mechanical assemblies

Component assembly: Wire or cable assemblies including fans, power supplies, transformers, passive components, motors and sensors. Rapid has the expertise to properly handle and terminate these components as well as develop custom functional testing programs when required.

Cable or harness assembly wiring to chassis: Vertically integrate your supply line by allowing Rapid to assemble the wire and cable harnesses into the box or chassis for you; save time, reduce inventory, overhead and cycle time on your production floor. Using consigned or turnkey chassis Rapid can bring smart integration to your supply line.

Higher level assemblies

Box level: Let Rapid take our chassis wiring service to the next level and install your system components into the box as well. Power transformers, Terminal blocks, PLC's, or switches. Rapid has the experience to be your higher level equipment manufacturer.