Engineering Services

Rapid Engineering department is made up of professionals that apply more than 50 years of experience to solve your electrical and pneumatic interconnect challenges, lower production costs, improve time to market your product, etc. Design and Engineering support is provided to you in every step of the process:

  • Engineering Design assistance from concept or schematic: Our experienced staff brings skills and technical knowledge to resolve your design challenges with cables, harnesses and assemblies.
  • Reverse Engineer from sample or documentation: Experienced personnel can assist in creating the documentation needed to build the physical product you have or want to duplicate.
  • Prototyping: Our NPI team provides you with quick turnaround bids, prototypes, and assistance to get your product on time therefore ensuring a smooth production ramp.
  • Document Management: Engineers create manufacturing documentation (drawings, work instructions, bills of materials, assembly aids, etc.) in our system where they are stored permanently, being accessible anytime to all our facilities worldwide making reorders simple for you.
  • Product Design reviews for manufacturability: Our Engineering staff works closely with your Design team to review your product layouts for potential manufacturing and assembly issues and provide you solutions to maximize manufacturability and minimize costs.